About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Eastern Utah Early Intervention, inc., is to provide quality and effective early intervention services that will enhance and support child development through family based intervention strategies in Uintah and Daggett Counties.

Our Story

Silhouette of a happy young child smiling as he runs to greet his father with a hug at sunset on a summer day.

Eastern Utah Early Intervention, Inc. was established in 2004, as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, providing early intervention services to children living within Uintah and Daggett Counties in Utah. The more common legal name for this agency is PrimeTime 4 Kids. PrimeTime 4 Kids is one of fifteen early intervention agencies contracted to the Utah Department of Health to provide early intervention services. Prior to 2004, this agency existed under the name of Uintah County Specialized Preschool Services and operated in collaboration with the local school district. Early intervention services have a long history of operation in the Uintah Basin. In 1974, Gayle Drollinger, a preschool teacher, began to organize families and help children with special needs receive services in their homes and in the community. This was done long before 1986, when the Federal Government mandated early intervention services be delivered to all qualified children through the Individual with Disabilities Act (IDEA).

Our Staff

Michael Peterson -
Program Director
Michael Peterson
Program Director
Occupational Therapist
Sheli Monson - Program Manager
Sheli Monson
Program Manager
Early Intervention Specialist


Trudy Boren - Secretary
Trudy Boren
Lorrie Law - EI Specialist
Lorrie Law
Early Intervention Specialist
Orlando Heaton - Physical Therapist
Orlando Heaton
Physical Therapist
Melissa Huber - LCSW
Melissa Huber
Justin Benson - SLP
Justin Benson
Speech Language Pathologist
Drienna Cook - Secretary
Drienna Cook
Megan Fowler - A&S Coordinator
Megan Fowler
Ages & Stages Coordinator
Gina Wilcken - EI Specialist
Gina Wilcken
Early Intervention Specialist
Pam Davis - EI Specialist
Pam Davis
Early Intervention Specialist
Heather Wright - EI Specialist
Heather Wright
Early Intervention Specialist
Anna Barton - EI Specialist - LPN
Anna Barton
Early Intervention Specialist
Licensed Practical Nurse
Kimra Ross - EI Specialist
Kimra Ross
Early Intervention Specialist